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phentermine and hemochromotosis
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    Default phentermine and hemochromotosis

    Anyone out there know if the appetite suppressant, phentermine, has any effect on the liver? I need to determine if this drug has any iron in it. My friend is thinking of taking it but has hemochromotosis (genetically) and has to give blood regularly to rid himself of an excess of iron.


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    phentermine is passed trough the body 80% unchanged in the urine, therefore it has no major effects on the liver.

    phentermine capsules (or tabs) do not contain any iron.

    taking phentermine greatly increases the risk of hig blood pressure and this could complicate the hemochomatosis. make sure her doctor talks about all the risks before she takes it.

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    Yes, if these drugs contain iron, because of the issues of allergies and Hemochromatosis, they would have to list it. Since it has effects on the body, they can't just use it as an inactive ingredient.

    The binders and fillers, whose ingredients are usually not listed, unless you contact the company directly for them or look up the total chemical composition of a drug, have to stuff that is basically considered biologically inert, that means no medicinal qualities and no nutritional qualities of any significance.

    Hemochromatosis runs in my husband's family, his grandmother died of it, and even though it wasn't diagnosed at the time, looking back at his mother's medical records before she died, they believe now that she died of it as well. His aunt also has it and goes in twice a week for a form of dialysis, where they literally make her anemic to keep her iron from going to high.

    My husband developed type 2 Diabetes at a very unusual age for it, so they are thinking that he might have had a bought of high iron for awhile and it damaged his Pancreas, because it will damage all organs if it gets out of control, not just your liver.

    He has also had an enlarged liver with elevated enzymes, several times, with no other discernable cause. So they prefer we keep him low in iron, and anytime he is going to be on a medication for a long time, they use ones that are processed through the liver as little as possible.

    They don't even bother to put my son on supplements if he is a little low, we would rather he be a little low than start having organ damage in childhood, so as long as he doesn't have a severe drop, we ignore it.

    My information is not guaranteed correct. I do not get them right all the time, but I do enjoy the hunt~

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