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Pill head
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    Default Pill head

    I'm new to post but not new to use. I was put on 10/325 hydro., almost 10 years ago. What started as pain relieve turned out to me the start of my addiction.If been pill free for going on day 5. Detox sucks. My only advice for those who are trying to detox is this. (1) You have to want to get clean more then life itself. (2) U have to tell yourself you are getting better everyday. (3) You have to lose all connection, friends, and yes family 2 if needed, that u could get that drug from. (5) Hang around posstive people, souport groups. (6) Continue doing this as long as it takes to gain normal. Relize your body has been so unnormal for so long that normal will take awhile. If u cant follow these steps, u dont want to get clean bad enough, and the process to get clean will not work. I would like to thank Elite Pain Management In Springfied, Mo. For help when i thought all hope and help to get clean was lost. I want to encourage each and every one of u that are getting clean or getting the help needed. Pat yourselfs on the back.for those trying but keep going back. Look for the help and get that pat on the back and i promise in time u will feel free and alive again.
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    Welcome to the forum. So happy for you that you have begun your journey to freedom. Very inspiring post too! Usually people who are just starting here are asking for help and advice. So refreshing that you have put yourself out there and are so positive for others.
    Here for you when you need a lift or are having a bad day. Continue on your path and you will become unstoppable!!

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    good for you.stay strong .now you have to get yourself a ""clean hobby" ,go to the movies,take up rockclimbing,fishing,anything to keep your mind occupied .have a great day and congrats

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    Yes you have to want your life back. The way I had to go through withdrawals was with Suboxone from my Doctor. I weaned myself down slowly. I would have not been able to make it through without Suboxone this time around.

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