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Prescription, Preventative or not Preventative?
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    Default Prescription, Preventative or not Preventative?

    It seems employers are attempting to muddy the waters a bit more by basing what prescriptions they will cover under their drug program by using a govermental list of "preventative" drugs that they will cover. Naturally, very few drugs are on this list prepared by the federal government. When asking for clarification, the employer points to the provider, who points back to the employer, who then points to the government. My case in particular, I use dilantin daily. Does anyone really know if dilantin is (or should be) considered a preventative drug or not?

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    I would think that it should be listed as a preventative drug, since it prevents against epileptic seizures, and letting a person have seizures uncontrollable is going to end up costing the insurance company a lot more in the long run.

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