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Question if you please?
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    Default Question if you please?

    I have had severe back pain for several years now and one surgery later,
    Medical crud coming
    Micro endoscopic disectomy times three levels with decompession of the three discs. All in the Lower back area. I have osteoprorosics and DDD. At fourty this bites want to be physically and mentally strong. Not wanting to stop fighting for my right to movement in life yet!

    I still awake some mornings with what I like to call (The same Aches and pains) Used to take Bextra but yet of course, seems like everything that fixes the problem tends to disappear...
    Started taking
    two advil
    two alieve
    two BC powders
    every morning just to get moving and get on with an active life.
    I have all the major pain meds in stock and ready if I need them but they lay me out brain dead, thoughtless, wanted to sleep the rest of my life! What do everybody esle do for the after surgery aches and pains:?
    I have extremely low blood pressure and I am not overweight. I am a mover not a squatter or sitter. I wondered if there is any medication that actually helps with the pain without knocking a person completely out.............

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    I take Neurontin (Gabapentin)for mine, while it doesn't kill all the pain, it does help with nerve pains and I have had a tremendous improvement with it.

    My information is not guaranteed correct. I do not get them right all the time, but I do enjoy the hunt~

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