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To Robert & everyone: Been on Subutex for over 3 years: will i suffer?
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    Default To Robert & everyone: Been on Subutex for over 3 years: will i suffer?

    Hi people. Ive been lurking around for the last few days looking for help and info in tapering the subutex. Am from the UK and we get subutex here mostly. Now with me is that ive been on subutex for over 3 years.

    Ive tapered from 9mg to 1.8mg, so far so good. Now can any of you be honest enough to tell me if i will suffer since ive been on the Sub for a long time?.

    When i skip days is there anything esle i can take during those days such as codien perhaps? valium? or is there no need?.

    Its taken me about 5 months to taper so far so how long will it take me now to go to 0 considering i have 2 months worth of 2mgs sub and many 0,4mgs and 20 days worth of 0.2mgs (temgesic). Am not getting it prescribed anymore as my detox clinic have only give you certain time limit to taper and therefore i saved some sub up.

    Will i need comfort meds afterwards? i got codien, valium, imovane, ativan and prozac. I never been on any other meds except subutex because of a >>>>>> habbit i had for a year before.

    If anybody can advise a taper plan for me and give me a rough estimate in how long i need to taper from 1.8mg to 0 i'll aprreciate it that very much.

    Thank you.

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    Posted on your other thread. It makes it harder to follow with posts on three different threads for one subject. You're better off posting everything on one thread.
    I am not a dr. My statements are based on years of experience and related education. Consult with the professional of your choice regarding matters of concern.

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