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Rx drug arrests go up
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    Default Rx drug arrests go up

    Illegal drug possession is a leading crime in Calvert County and local police are using several tactics to try and gain control of the problem.

    "Most of our drugs come from traffic stops," said Sgt. A. Paton, assistant commander of the Maryland State Police Prince Frederick Barrack, noting that it's the most likely place troopers find drugs and make drug arrests.

    Troopers, who are trained to know the odor of marijuana, will stop a vehicle for a traffic violation and if they smell marijuana, they have probable cause to search the vehicle, he said.

    "It's called the total traffic stop," said Lt. Randy Stephens, barrack commander, of the training that teaches police to look for other violations during a traffic stop, including drug possession. If police have reason to believe that someone is involved in a crime there is probable cause for a search, he said, noting that probable cause search training stepped up after the Timothy McVeigh case, the 1995 investigation into the bombing of a federal building in Oklahoma City.

    Calvert County Sheriff Mike Evans said that most of the sheriff's office drug arrests come from patrol deputies who are drug recognition experts, trained to recognize drug paraphernalia and observe a person's behavior for clues that they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The Drug Enforcement Unit has also investigated several people this past year, which lead to indictments for drug distribution, he said.

    Both Evans and Stephens said they have seen an increase in arrests for narcotics over the past few years.

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    Default Drug regulation

    It seems that Drug regulation is a big issue and the government is making efforts via the local departments. Anyways good info

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