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    Default SUBOXONE AFTER >>>>>>

    Hi all. I snorted 2-3 bags of h. from the end of March 2006 until 4 days ago. Three days ago, the doctor put me on 12 mg of subox. I have no more w/d symptoms!!! THE PROBLEM: my doctor has an agenda -- to keep me on subox for an extended, (indefinite), period of time. I want to get off a.s.a.p. I have heard that you can quit subox "cold turkey" if you are only on it for a few days, with no major side effects. Is this true? Has anyone out there done it?[?]

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    Hello..If yu have been on subs. for just a few days then yes you can cold turkey it...Have you thought that the suboxone is the reason that you're not getting any W/D symptoms anymore though? Afterall that IS the reason for the suboxone in the first place...Honestly your H habit was small in the first place,but maybe you should continue using the suboxone so that you dont relapse...

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    I have a loved one who was in the same position you are in....I took him everywhere to get help....He actually got off oxy and suboxone by himself.
    IF you do not want to take the suboxone anylonger go into a facilty fmiliar with detox....they can help.
    We couldn't afford the suboxone...the doctor wa charging 100.00 per week for the visit and another 100.00 a week fo the drug....errrgggggg....made me sick to see what these docotrs do to people, they are just short of drug dealers themselves....good luck...and remember to keep your higher power with you everyday. my prayers are with you

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    i have been on subs many times to quit bags, and the times i just took it for 3-4 days to not have the really bad withdrawal symptoms of bags, i had no withdrawal symptoms from the subs. this is just me personally, but if i only take subs for a few days i dont get the withdrawal.

    hope that helps

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    Default Encouraging medically valid use of suboxone

    Definitely try to use suboxone for your w/d symptoms as it can make not using >>>>>> actually .. possible for most people. How it works is it interacts neurologically in the same way as >>>>>> does (binding to opiod receptors in the brain) but doesn't produce the inebriated, high feelings that are associated with doing >>>>>>.

    This helps you actually feel sober and get used to a sober lifestyle where you can work at your job, work on relationships, etc.

    Trust me, you've made a fantastic decision, just be dedicated to a tiered approach as far as quitting suboxone.

    Please be in contact w/ your doctor and if he/she isn't helping you with your treatment, speak to their manager about your problem and interaction with your doctor.

    You can do it!
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    Lisa, many doctors have the same agenda, to keep you on a high dose for as long as possible. It keeps them rich, after all. On the other hand, are you sure that after just four days off H, you won't want to snort it any more? There is no way to tell how severe your w/d would have been without the sub but Dave is quite right, you aren't feeling w/d BECAUSE of the sub. You can quit the sub cold turkey however, if you're sure its what you want to do. You can also taper off the sub much more quickly than the way the doctor says. Read around here and you'll see how many have done that.

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    stick with the program the withdrawl for subs is = to >>>>>> ive done both cold turkey

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