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Suboxone clean 14 days today and have some questions
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    Default Suboxone clean 14 days today and have some questions

    Hi I was on 8 mg sublingual films of suboxone for 2.5 years. I thought that’s what the route should be after my run with opioids (percocets and Vicodin for about 6mths-1 year) after a nasty injury and being rx them n then suddenly one day I was told No more refills n my world all changed! That’s when I met my sub dr n thought I was saved but man was I wrong!
    Today I am 14 days CLEAN from suboxone! And I can say that finally STANDING

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    I am still experiencing some things like lack of rest n I have battled this years take rx sleeping pills without much help! Won’t be much longer! Next goal!
    Also anxiety through the roof n battled this over ten years I am currently taking rx lorazepam 2 msg split in day/night
    And I’m so emotional n then angry like flip of a switch which my moods haven’t been the best n I take topirmate 25 mg day/night I thought it helped but off subsim a wreck ANY INFO IS APPRECIATED TY
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    Sorry I’m new lol I don’t know why my whole post is not up there I battled the flu and an injurt on top of my detox hardest thing I ever done EVER! 14 days I’m feeling much better but still not where I want to b! Trying to go with it! Rough tho

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    Hey lau. Welcome!! I'm glad you started your own thread. I've seen you bouncing around. Congratulations on 14 days!! Subs are a bear for sure as you know. W/D are just sooo drawn out and sometimes it just seems like you're spinning your wheels. I jumped from 1mg and it was brutal for quite some time. But the journey is sooooo worth it. That I can promise you. Today I'm over 4months clean and I don't have to ever use again and its such a liberating feeling.

    How much sub were you taking when you jumped?? I know you said you were on them for 2.5 years at 8mg/day. Did you taper down any??

    Have you seen the Thomas recipe for opiate withdrawal? You can Google it. Everything there will help you on this journey.

    Keep reading and posting. It really helps!! Get on here and whine. We're really good listeners. And we are all here to support you!!.

    Keep up the good work!!

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