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Surprise I'm Pregnant (and on Tramadol and Soma treatment)
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    Default Surprise I'm Pregnant (and on Tramadol and Soma treatment)

    Surprise... I'm Pregnant and on Tramadol and Soma treatment (for painful nerve damage and serious headaches)...

    Is there any information out there(honest studies/results... not just general warnings...)...? I know/feel that my body is addicted to these meds. They have helped to boost my quality of life in the last year... Now, bam, an unplanned pregnancy!

    I'm in my second month (approx.), and I'm kind of scared of how I will deal with my painful condition...

    Any advice?


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    I'd see your Dr. a.s.a.p.

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    Default Surprise Im Pregnant 2! I Need Your Help!


    I am in the same situation as you were. I cannot find a Dr to give me a straight answer about the soma. I have only been on it for 3 wks and then stopped. What did your Dr say? And how did your pregnancy turn out?

    Thanks again.


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    First of all why are you taking sleeping pills and if its only been for a couple of weeks dont worry about it especially soma thats not to worry but if its been longer than that you need to find out what the underlying reason or possible illness is as to why your not sleeping. As far as the tramadol is concerned again how long have you been taking it? it is a very safe NSAID non steroidal anti inflammatory drug that works well for inflammation but are you having nerves that are inflammed? Let me know and I can advise further

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