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Is there anyone there who has NEVER USED cannabis?
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    Default Is there anyone there who has NEVER USED cannabis?

    We are looking for participants to complete a quick online survey about cannabis use, family history of mental health and personality. We need specifically:

    People who have never used cannabis (not even once!)

    If you think you fit into this category please follow the link to the questionnaire:

    Many thanks, Psychology Researcher

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    I have never once used marijuana. I have never smoked anything including cigarettes. Let me know if you want me to do the survey.

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    Me too I never been tried to use Marijuana, Cannabis and either drinking liquor.
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    While I do not have any experience in taking cannabis, I cannot say that I have not used anything addictive in my life. I had a few binge occasions with several parties with the alcoholics. Can you still say if I am eligible for the survey?

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