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Use Suboxone?
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    Default Use Suboxone?

    i am currently taking suboxone - 7th day since coming off of oxycodone. my question is, if anybody out there has used suboxone, what is the maximum amount of milligrams per day you have been placed on.

    i started with 8mg but had to be increased to 16mg/day by my 2nd day of detoxing. i do have some pain issues and the doctor said suboxone could also help with some pain relief.

    i don't want to use opiates for pain relief anymore after 8 years on all different kinds. towards the end, my pain did not justify the amount of oxycodone i was taking daily. i crossed the line somewhere.

    so if any of you use/have used suboxone, let me know what you may have started with, for how long, etc.


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    You can take up to 32mgs but be careful!!too much and you will feel terrible.I would try 10-12mgs and see how your pain is.I would also talk to your doctor asap.....Dave

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