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Vigabatrin for Drug Addiction
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    Default Vigabatrin for Drug Addiction

    Epilepsy Drug Safely Treats Drug Addiction
    Thu Dec 2, 2004 06:37 PM ET

    By Karla Gale
    NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - The epilepsy drug vigabatrin (see info at appears to be safe for the treatment of cocaine or methamphetamine dependence, new study results suggest.

    Dr. Stephen L. Dewey, a neuroanatomist at Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, New York, and colleagues report their findings in the medical journal Synapse.

    Dewey's team previously reported that vigabatrin is effective in the treatment of cocaine dependence. However, vigabatrin treatment has been associated with vision problems.

    They therefore investigated the safety and effectiveness of low dose vigabatrin in ten patients addicted to methamphetamines, three with cocaine dependence, and 17 addicted to both drugs. On average, the 30 subjects had been addicted for 13 years.

    Sixteen of the 18 participants who completed the 9-week study remained drug-free during the last 6 weeks of the trial, according to urine test results.

    "It is remarkable that half of these predominantly methamphetamine-dependent individuals remained essentially drug free for approximately 6 consecutive weeks despite living in their normal home environment with ready access to drugs," the authors write.

    Eye exams conducted at the end of treatment and at 1 to 2 months following the end of treatment showed no evidence of visions problems. Furthermore, there were no changes in vital signs, even among those who continued abusing drugs.

    The strategy of using vigabatrin is particularly exciting, Dewey told Reuters Health, because it can potentially be applied to any chemical addiction, from nicotine to alcohol to >>>>>>.

    "The beauty of it is that you're not only blocking the effect of the drug, but you're also blocking the biochemical effect of environmental cues...the number-one cause of relapses," he added.

    But he also cautions that vigabatrin "is not a magic bullet." Support groups remain critical in successfully treating chemical addictions, he said.

    SOURCE: Synapse, February 2005.

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    Default Drug addiction

    Drug abuse has become a widespread international problem, although the substances abused and the abuse pattern may differ from country to country.Addiction means addiction to a certain type of vibration that has been created by the drug use and the subsequent chemical processes in the body.
    New York Drug Addiction

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