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What is the best generic brand of MS CONTIN
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    Cool What is the best generic brand of MS CONTIN

    I am looking for some opinions on the best generic for MS CONTIN! All opinions would be much appreciated. THANKS!!

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    Morphine is morphine the only difference is that more than one company manufactures a sustained or slow release version. The only difference is the amount or dose.If you take 100 mgs of ms caveontin twice a day then the generic version is the same......Dave

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    Since generics can vary by as much as 20%, try to stay away from Mallinkrodt (hard b/c it's the cheapest and one of the worst) and Ethex. Endo and Watson are generally good generics. Activas/Amide is as well, but I'm not sure they make MS Contin. I might try to get your pharmacy to order Endo. But, double can make a big difference in the level of pain relief! Some of the larger chain drugstores have agreements with the manufacturers - you can try calling around to find out what they usually carry.

    It's best to try to develop a relationship with your pharmacist/pharmacy so that they are willing to order the brand (if it's on their list) that you want and use regularly. If you get used to a better generic and then have to take Mallinkrodt for a month, you may actually go thru mild wds b/c of the difference in the amt. of MSC in the pill. On the other hand, going from a ********py generic to a good one can feel like you have gotten a dose increase!

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    Default generic for M S CONTIN

    I take a generic for ms contin 30 mg ER made by WATSON I have heard they have had problems with company called ETHEX supposedly some of their batches had too much of the good stuff in it

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