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Xanax for sleep ready to stop
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    Default Xanax for sleep ready to stop

    I was using 2mg only at night to sleep while i tapered off of subs..low dowses of subs. like .50mg down to have been sub free 40 days now and am ready to stop Anyways. I only take it at night for sleep. been a year or so. 2mg at night. with its short half life is my body dependent on it? will i need to taper off it? i dont take all day just 1 dose of 2mg at night. i know everyone is diff jut seeing if any exp of ppl at that dose once a day since short half life does your brain still become dependent?

    I used to take Ambien for sleep but too easy to abuse.
    and took Lunesta which orked well but was so expensive. Now it has generic form. thinking maybe jump to that and would help. Ive never been able to sleep

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    My understanding, or at least what my friend's doctor, has always told her is to NOT take xanex to sleep. Both her psych and primary care threatened to stop prescribing it for her if she insisted on taking it to sleep. 2mg/day is still a good dose and a year is probably long enough to just stop it. Talk to you doctor when you see him/her when you ask for a sleep aide. Lunesta or the generic is a good choice. I've had that before too and it works well for me.



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    If you stopped Ambien because it's too easy to abuse you should be aware Xanax abuse potential is worse than Ambien. Xanax is a full on benzodiazepine, Ambien is "just" a Z- drug. They are both terrible to take every night for longer than just a few nights. Lunesta is also considered a Z drug. I would avoid all benzos and Z-drugs. If you've been taking 2mg a night of Xanax for a year you've got a physical dependency and should taper off slowly. The short half life won't prevent withdrawal symptoms. Cat is right, 2mg/day is actually a large dose.

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