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Home transcription jobs
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    Default Home transcription jobs


    How to look out for home transcription jobs.


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    Re : Home transcription jobs

    I recently surfed a lot to find in detail about companies offering home transcription for all situated overseas in India, China, Philippines etc. What I could make out is that it is difficult to get a home transcription job from a company because of HIPAA rules and regulations but however having a good contact and registration with some online business, one can get access to home transcription jobs. You need to constantly keep in touch with these business because there are many takers for the job and fewer opportunities but one can find some good job within a month if you try hard and surf regularly for each and every opportunity. I did find myself recently from this xxxxx and before already there was this etc. There are two many online web portals looking out for home transcription MTs but not many get them because one is not applying them properly. You have to write a decent business mail without any errors, mistakes etc. That is what can definitely stand you above others. So you can search these sites. Probably, they can make you few dollars richer than now.
    This is a fairly new portal but doing great. Registration is free. Besides it has a lot of information for young MTs. Just need to surf the site regularly for postings and new Transcription Job openings.

    There are a lot many of these. Try your luck and best of luck for your search. If you find one from anyone, please reply me back.

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