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How to get a drug if you are an EU citizen and have no us prescription
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    Default How to get a drug if you are an EU citizen and have no us prescription

    My name is Lorina Lako. Im an Eu Citizen ( exactly albanian) and I wanted to get Vaniqa Cream. I am coming in NY from 18-28 of February and I wanted to know How I can Get Vaniqa cream. I have a prescription from my doctor here but I dont know if its valid there.
    Could you please suggest me a way how to get it?
    I would be very thankful If I get an answer from you
    Thank you in advance

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    A doctor prescription from another country will not be valid. I would just call a doctor in the phone book and see them and get a prescription or you could try calling the doctor and explain you have a prescription from another country and was hoping the doctor there would right one for you but most likely you would have to see the doctor. There may be a nurse practitioner clinic or emergency clinic that could possibly write one for you. No really easy options, best of luck!
    ---I answer questions to the best of my ability, but with always limited knowledge of the patient's situation and no ability to see your chart or full medical history my advice is limited and should also be confirmed with your own doctor/pharmacist/etc. Also, I do not promote following my advice without proper approval from your doctor either--

    Dr. B

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