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How many is too many epidural shots
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    Default How many is too many epidural shots

    I have had 3 series of 3 shots of steroid epidural shots in the lumbar region,over the last 12 months. Is this too many?? Are there any bad side effects with all that steroid in my system?? Are there any ther procedures besides these series of shots? I have 2 herniated discs and 2 that are broken down ( I forget the medical term )
    Thank you 3 discs

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    My neurologist told me 3 is the limit, for one reason if by the third and it hasn't helped there's no point in trying anymore. He did do a fourth two years after the third injection but it also was a failure. The cortisone they use is a steroid, but it is not like the anabolic type, there's little to no lasting effects from it, so I've been told.
    I'm not sure what you mean about other procedures, that all depends on exactly what your HX is. There's always chiropractic, reflexology, acupuncture, PT, etc. Maybe you should try a TENS unit, ask your doc about it, some insurance plans pay for it
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    Has your Doctor or pain management specialist mentioned what they call a "Sympathetic Nerve Block" to you?
    Mike VG
    Mike VG

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    Epidurals obstruct the nerve motivations from the lower spinal sections. This outcomes in diminished sensation in the lower portion of the body.
    This produces torment alleviation with negligible impacts. These drugs might be utilized as a part of mix with epinephrine, fentanyl, morphine, or clonidine to drag out the epidural's impact or to balance out the mother's circulatory strain.

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