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Off oxy & messed up Suboxone
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    Default Off oxy & messed up Suboxone

    I have been on opiates of all kinds from primary doc then pain mgmt. for a total of about 15 years. I wanted to get off the oxys since I was taking more than what was prescribed and put myself into withdrawals every month. So letting my regular doctor know this and then referred to doc with experience in addiction who started me on Suboxone. First ten days on 4 mgs then a 30 day script for 8 mg once a day. Well I guess in still wanting a "high" I started taking more than the 8 mg per day. Now I'm out of the Suboxone strips except for one left. I kept the one Suboxone not knowing if they will test my urine or blood work to see what levels of Suboxone are in my system. What's weird is that they didn't tell me to make a follow-up appt. or do anything to see how I'm doing. They have called the pharmacy each time, first for the 4 mg then the same for the 8 mg. So in having a lot a pain and nothing but ibuprofen to help, does anyone know if it's ok to take the one Suboxone strip that I have left, especially since I have no follow-up appt. Also I feel very stupid since I will be 60 years old in 2 months and seems like I should know better by now as far as taking meds as directed. Oh well, live and learn I guess. By the way I still have 8 days before I can get a refill of
    the Suboxone. Thank you to anyone who has ideas, help or suggestions.
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    How are you feeling?

    If you are having wds you could probaly cut the strip in 8 ths
    And take 1 mg a day.

    You have a lot of suboxone in your system..

    Did you get high from taking extra?
    Sub doesn't really work that way?

    What do you mean is it ok to take the 1 left?
    Why would it not be ok?

    Are you going to continue on the sub?
    I will check back later..

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    Hi I'm with This a hard thing to get off of.I think some Suboxone doctor's know and expect us to make mistakes.My doctor has a rule three times your out.Btrak up your doses Until you see your doctor.I am 56 and withdrawing off many meds.I have Epsom salt for bathing, bananas you name it.So much I want a pill It looks at me I look back you Kno.Do not be hard on yourself.We are pretty much in the same boat good luck.

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    Make sure you are in full withdrawal or you. will go into worse withdrawing I did that.Look up the Cows score and make sure you are in full withdrawal.

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