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Regular Insulin? OR regular insulin? OR Regular in
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    Default Regular Insulin? OR regular insulin? OR Regular in

    Hi everyone there in this forum. I am very happy about this forum. We can interact and solve so many drug-related issues like formatting, sound-alikes, etc.

    I am very confused about the initial capitalization of the drug "Regular Insulin." Is it Regular Insulin? OR regular insulin? OR Regular insulin.

    Also, if doc dictates Toprol Extended Release Tablets, do we need to transcribe Toprol extended release tablets or Toprol Extended Release Tablets. Product website - show this drug with initial caps.


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    Hi, I'm new, too, as of this week.

    Re "Regular Insulin" whether to cap both words. In my QUICK LOOK program, found all antidiabetic agents under one heading: Insulin Preparations. Regular Insulin was not listed, but Regular Iletin® II was (as distinguished from NPH Iletin® II]). But context is everything. If the doc really said "regular insulin," I wouldn't cap either word starting a sentence, duh. Or shehe could've named the specific drug but it came on tape as "insulin" instead of "Iletin." If still doubting, and your person dd(shehe)is amenable to questions, I would ask.

    Of the times I didn't ask when in doubt, 95% of the time I wish I had. My word to the wise with hopes it will suffice.

    As to Toprol, the exact name is Toprol-XL® [US/Can]. But the doc would probably just cap the Toprol; i.e. Toprol extended-release tablets. Otherwise, he/she would have dictated [i]"Toprol-XL tablets."[[i]

    By now you've probably received ten replies, 'specially if you're on the east coast. So, please pardon the redundance.

    Til next time, I am
    "aging Ruth"

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