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Transcription Jobs:
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    Please help in looking our PT, FT or home transcription jobs?


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    Re: Transcription Jobs:

    Searching for a home transcription job or even a regular job is a very difficult thing now. Hence, one has to be abreast of everything that is coming up and all the means of establishing your identity. Keep on surfing through and through for anything that is related to MT. All websites, forums etc. One can get a decent amount of information from everywhere to show the correct path to success finally. Here are few portals, which can help you out.

    This is a fairly new portal but doing great. Registration is free. Besides it has a lot of information for young MTs. Just need to surf the site regularly for postings and new Transcription Job openings.

    A fairly old portal at its peak now but lots of people already registered. But has a really great features and information but the drawback. One has to pay a premium for accessing the information.
    Fairly good site but takes time to respond and only responds to genuine, for their use, queries. If you get it nothing like it.

    There are many more for Transcription jobs.

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