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16mg of Subutex for five years
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    Default 16mg of Subutex for five years

    Hi all,
    I am new as can be to this forum. I am 59, long history of opiate use, and abuse.
    When finally coming to realization, that the pain is always going to be there.
    Arthritis, Tendinitis, Extreme lower back pain, three knee operations.
    My job is to blame for most of my ailments. Lifting and moving heavy equipment, in the range of a couple hundred pounds to 1500 pounds, the latter with a few other people. Along with consistent kneeling, squatting, bending, etc.
    I decided that the opiate life, was not life !
    Sought out a physician that could help, and was put on 8mg Subutex 2 times a day.
    That was five years ago. Tried a few times on my own to go cold turkey, (I am a man, I can do this. Ignorance comes in many forms !) which lasted about 5-6 days.
    I went through severe wd's just as similar to quitting Oxy's.
    Obviously an incorrect method.
    So now, I decided to use some common sense ! I talked to my physician.
    This coming week, is the first week of tapering down.
    I split the 2-8 mg into 1/2's. (4-4mg)
    Every two weeks, taper 4mg. Tomorrow being the first taper from 16mg a day. The third dose of the day (4mg) being removed.
    Two weeks, and no serious negative effects, removing the first dose, down to 4mg twice a day for two weeks.
    Then he will prescribe 2mg - 4 times a day.
    Two weeks, splitting the 2mg in 1/2, and remove the third dose (1mg) of the day.
    Two weeks and remove the first dose of the day, for two weeks. Down to 1mg - 2 times a day.
    Two weeks then splitting the 1mg into 4. Taking 1/4mg - 4 times a day.
    Then 1/4mg - 3 times a day.
    Two weeks 1/4mg - 2 times a day.
    Two weeks 1/4mg - 1 time a day.
    Two weeks more, and with much hope, the end !!
    I would appreciate anyone's input to this method of tapering ?
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    Having trouble getting my message to post. This is a test and I'm going to try to repost my original message again. Stand by.

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    I'm so glad that you found us and reached out for advice. First of all, 16mg/day is an INSANE amount of sub but what's done is done. Subs are very strong and have a very long half life. Tapering is really the only and best way to get off of them and you're making a wise decision to begin the process. Having said that, the taper plan used by thousands of people I've followed on this Forum works. It's different than what you described but I sure do hope that you will consider it.

    The plan used here is Robert's Sub Taper Plan. Robert was a member here for a long time but passed a year or two ago. He is sadly missed but the plan he developed for himself and has shared here has helped soooo many people because if it's followed to the letter it works and it works with the least discomfort possible. Please look around this Forum to see if you can find it. I'm terrible at finding things here and being able to post the link to make it easier for you but I will try when I'm done posting and if I can't find it, someone else will come along and give it to you. In the meantime, I'll try and explain the important details for you.

    The Plan begins with a proper induction to the subs. Obviously, you can skip that part because you've been taking them for quite a long time. Your first reduction of cutting your dose in half from 16mg/day to 8mg/day is a good place to start and shouldn't give you any trouble at all. Like I said, they're strong with estimates being about 30 times stronger than morphine. You're not likely to feel any difference whatsoever with this first cut. You shouldn't dose more than twice a day by splitting those 8mg into two 4mg doses. One in the morning and the other between 8 and 10 hours later. The later dose shouldn't be too close to bedtime because subs can interfere with sleep for some people. Again, the half life is so long and you have soooo much sub built up in your system that you won't miss multiple doses.

    Part II to follow

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    Sorry. Just wouldn't post the entire message!

    After being on 8mg/day for around 4 days you should reduce by no more than 25% or down to 6mg/day and it's still OK to split that into two 3mg pieces per day. I doubt that you'll have any trouble at all with the sub you have built up in your system.

    This is driving me mad! It won't let me post my entire message. I'm going to stop here and try to finish in yet another post. So sorry.

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    Part III (YIKES!)

    Where ever I left off! After being sure you're stable after that first reduction at around 4 days, reduce by 25% or down to 6mg/day and it's still OK to split that into two 3mg doses. Wait another 4 days and it'll be time to reduce again by another 25% or down to 4.5mg/day.

    Continue in this manner by making no more than a 25% reduction every four days or so. As you get lower, you may experience some very minor symptoms for a day or two but you will stabilize. If you're still not COMPLETELY stable after 4 days, then stay put for an extra day or two and you will level out and then reduce again.

    Look on Youtube for a video that was posted by one of our past members, Harry Smooth where he shows how to accurately cut those strips. It'll help you. I'm very frustrated right now because this site isn't letting me post my entire message. I need to regroup and then I'll be back to read what I've written and finish!

    I'll be back!



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