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    Default abilify

    was on 7.5mgs of abilify for 4 years. i withdrew slowly over a period of 4 months. i suffered terribly.
    but the short of it is that i had cancer scare and spun out on that in panick and something else really wierd and hard to describe happened.
    this later condition hospitalised me once.its very physical and not my usual long term form of anxiety i have. i have ocd and adhd.
    i started to take the abilify again @7.5 mgs i have done this three days in row and improved dramatically.
    however i do not want to go through abilify withdrawels all over again..i had about a month where i was doing real well without the abilify. or did i just have no insite?
    any ideas?

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    have u tryed lexipro and abliify together? it has helped me over my history of depression and hopefuly it can offer u some relife

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    I know everyone is different with anxiety, so my best advice is to stay busy, exercise and try to stay out of your head. When I was having anxiety I read a book called "Wherever you go, there you are" about using meditation. The author used meditation as therapy in his counseling sessions. This helped me to slow down a bit. If you don't want to stay on the drugs, try to find a good therapist. Post here. Let out the stuff you're worried about or depressed about. I know this advice can sound so lame to someone with anxiety or depression, but this runs in my family, we're just wound tight. I wish you the best of luck.



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