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Advice needed
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    I need some advice please.

    I am in a desperate situation just now, I won’t go into details of what caused this but I need to ask about tablets.

    I previousley took 480 MG of Colchcine and suffered dirrhea and vomiting, at the hospital I was given activated charcoal and released
    after 48 hours, a CPN came in and had a word and that was that.

    In space the last three days I have consumed a whole box of Anadin extra and about 15 co Codamol, I was sick last night and have had loose stools through the day, don’t think much more is likely to happen

    I may start on the Tramadol next - yes things are at a serious stage but Insobt know which way to turn.

    What is likely to happen?

    I am scared just now.
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