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Advice/Support needed
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    Last February I had two surgeries back to back and was prescribed Percocet to help with the pain. At first I took them like I was supposed to, and then I realized if I took a little more it made me feel great! I had no idea the cycle I was starting for myself and my husband who also used Percocet (more than he was supposed to.) Eventually the prescriptions ran out and we started buying Percocet.... we thought we had it under control, but lord knows we did not. We were using about 30-40 mg a day per person so about 80 mg total between the two of us. We recently decided we couldn’t live like this anymore. We needed to beat it and be better for not only us but our children. We had a plan to taper off and had a friend helping us do it. Unfortunately the friend backed out of the plan leaving us to just quit cold turkey..... we are currently on day 3 of detox... when do these symptoms go away??

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    Everyone is different but usually the physical part last 1-7 days so you’re half way there! Google the Thomas recipe that will help you. The mental stuff and tiredness lasts a little longer but if you keep yourself busy like watching good tv, listening to music, and taking little walks (that’s most important) you will get through it. Oh the BIGGEST task is to not take anymore pills. It’s a vicious cycle and I’ve been through too many time to count. Good thing is that you and hubby have each other for support. It’s also great that you decided to quit now before A YEAR turned into years and years.
    Keep posting and does help tremendously.

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