So here's the deal. I have been on opiate therapy for spinal stenosis and herniated disks for approximately 14yrs. At the beginning of 2016 I was taking (3) 80mg OC's a day. I was also working out (low impact) more regularly than I had for a decade and at that time had lost nearly 80lbs. Considering I had lost so much weight I wanted to see how my back was doing with out the masking effects of the OC's so I went through the process of coming off of them.

I did well for approximatly five months but then had my back flair up on me to the point where I was nearly bed ridden. It was excruciating so I did what I know to do and went and saw my primary care physician. He again prescribed me OC's at a much lower dose (2) 60mg's a day which I have done fairly well with. Toward the end of last year I had some personal stuff come up and wasn't able to continue the work out regimine that I had been on which has caused me to put nearly 50lbs. back on. This is extremely frustrating given the fact that I worked hard for almost three years to loose that weight but sometimes life gets in the way and we have to do what we have to do for family.

Anyway fast forward to now, I have always been fairly successful professionally and never has my job been effected by my health or lack there of. At the beginning of this year I was approached with what I believed to be a great opportunity so I decided to leave the job I had and purse this new one. Of course this came with the typical background/physical/drug test which I wasn't concerned with because I have never had any issues that would keep me from being employable. During this process I tested positive for my OC's which seemed to start a chain of events that have been foreign to me. In past experience when tested all I had to do was provide proof of a prescription but this time I was asked to provide nearly 150 pages of documentation concerning my past medical history coupled with various doctors notes. At the end of the process and after I started my job I was told that I was a safety concern and could drive a company vehicle. This is important as that is the means by which I do my job. Anyway I am still awaiting word as to what is the exact reason why I am concidered to be a safety concern but until then I figured I would go ahead and solve what I perceive the problem to be. Being that my back issues themselves don't make me a safety concern I figure it has to be the meds. With that I am quitting again only this time I know it will be imparative that I find an alternate solution to manage pain so I don't end up where I was last year. My plan is as follows:

day 1: 1mg 8:00am
1mg 12:00pm
1mg 8:00 pm

day 2: 1mg 8:00 am
.5mg 12:00 pm
1mg 8:00pm

day 3: same as day 2

day 4: .5 mg 8:00 am
.5 mg 12:00 pm
1 mg 8:00 pm

day 5: .5 mg 8:00 am
.5 mg 12:00 pm
.5 mg 8:00 pm

day 6: .5 mg 8:00am
.5 mg 8:00 pm
day 7: .5 mg 12:00 pm

day 8: same as day 7

day 9: skip

day 10: .5 mg 12:00


This is my plan albeit aggressive. Kind of a happy medium between ripping off the bandiad and taking it off slowly. I will do my best to keep everyone up to date on progress and any changes.

It it is disappointing that because of the culture and stigma that surrounds these medications I am caught in the middle but it is what it is and I am sure I can handle it. I have always done a fairly good job of only taking as prescribed with the exception of maybe missing a dose or taking one early dependent on the the need. I really don't wish to be on this medication as I hate the stigma that comes with it. Outside of that it has done a great job making life and the physical demands possible until I decide to have surgery. Either way I figured my post might not only help myself go through this again as it does such and isn't easy but also help some one else out there. The mind is your most powerful asset and if you believe you can do something it will be done!

As of now I have taken my first 1mg dose and feel pretty good. Some leg cramps/pain but not much more than what is normal with my condition. I am going to take the noon 1mg dose soon and will update again in a bit.