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Back on hydros. About to kick... need help!
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    Default Back on hydros. About to kick... need help!

    Alright, someone if y'all may know me... I fell of the face of the earth after almost completely getting off hydros, I relapsed.... bad, ended up getting my own script for my back pain, instead of saying know I say there for a minute and obliged... took the RX been in them ever since on and on.
    7.5/325 and 10mg/325 for a couple months.
    Much better than a 7 months continuous habit.
    It's only been 2-3 months. Butnwas on and off, I'm on ongoing anxiety and psychological medications "Xanax" did also get a script for tramodol.
    They gave me 5mg/325 hydros, I was ingesting 2-4 at a time and 1-2 more every 45 minutes to an hour. Needless to say, I figured why not. I got a RX, I'll be fine. "My addictive behavior talking"
    So now I'm down to 2 I have Xanax thank god and tram refill on Friday. Which if I take enough resolved my symptoms almost completely,

    I'm thankful for this, I dread Wednesday and Thursday as my tram is filled on Friday.
    And I know I have no self control, I'll end up snrting these last 2, and call it a day just to get messed up and not think of the >>>> life I've had for a damn year straight.

    Any of my familiar faces please jump in,'and anyone else to get me through this would be great.

    I know withdraws won't be as bad this time I've been though multiple opiate related withdrawals, Htrain and The good all hydros .
    But I have to stop I can't continue this way. Anymore,'I mean I've done some dumb >>>>.
    I truly want a better life for myself.

    It's so hard, I have them in my hand after detox was done, and I sat there and waited for a few seconds and then immediately grabbed my equipment l and did what I do. Sad story huh?

    At least I know what to expect, the back pain, feeling like I'm vibrating, really I GSTRO issues before some stomach cramping, but then again as soon as I started to feel the weird vibrating feeling I immediately took it upon myself to ingest.

    At least I know what I'm getting myself into and last time was probably the worst opiate withdrawal that I've ever experienced, the psychological and anxious and is that came along with it was absolutely terrible I was looking enough to not have restless leg syndrome at least get 1 to 2 hours of sleep if that at night but at least it's something. I've been craving something stronger and harder the past few days even being on hydros .

    So my habit is definitely not as bad as it was so I was taking anywhere between 10 and 13 of these a day, ingestion style if you catch my drift, and you know down to taking 6 to 8 maybe not even that.

    Any advice?'s anybody wanna see me through this tragic next few days after my stash is gone, go right on ahead blow my page up because last time reading the comments are replying got me through at least a few hours a day and trust me that's enough time for me to not focus on the actual symptoms that I'm experiencing.

    Hoping to live a better life with Cleaner life, get my life back on track mend relationships mend myself phone go together and get my feet back.

    So I'm set up for withdrawal I will start with drawl I would say in the next 24 hours by that time I will have my tramadol prescription which I will only take what I am experiencing severe symptoms and I will be honestly taking my alprazolam heavily as my body has adjusted to me taking 3 to 4 mg to feel OK and sleep yet I have no addiction to it , isn't that weird? I can stop them abruptly and nothing would happen taking multiple of them a day for a month straight no withdrawal at all. But they start taking hydros again for 1 to 2 months and the year with drawls are horrific.

    Come on people chime in here. I'm going to need it like I said at least I know it's coming last time was the worst because I didn't know what was gonna happen to me I was in the toilet soon for about five days, starting to feel better, and then started going to the doctor for my back and getting Scripps from there on out but I have not become addicted to these prescriptions other than hydrocodone.

    I don't know what the hell it is, but I just cannot seem to kick it off with us it's like when I see them I see light, sleep, occupation etc. just sad right now not for anything else other than withdrawal.
    That's my honest opinion and I think anybody that knows me on here knows that I keep it a book and I don't BS about anything I say what I mean and I mean what I say and I don't see anything on here to make myself look good or superior better to anybody else. Because this is my shining moment and kicking is one of the worst things that I hate. Or that I could go through. So anything I say on here is the absolute complete truth so you can trust me on that one. I'm starting to feel a Xanax now, preparing myself for this with drawl that will be happening in the next 12 to 24 hours depending on how high I can get. Honestly I won't even get high I would just feel normal, isn't that crazy and sad at the same time.?

    Feel free to chime in and we whatever advisor Toughlove comments that you need to, because Lord knows I'm about to Needham severely. But like I stated I know it's gonna happen so it's not just something abruptly out of the blue I don't know what to experience etc. that are wrong because I had never been on a drug for that long and I knew that withdraws were going to be horrible but I'm thinking that maybe because I wasn't on them this long that the withdrawals won't be as bad, but is soon as it hits about eight hours I start to feel them and I caved in because I'm scared to go through withdrawal.

    Any thoughts, any advice, would be great for any Disney enough to be advice or anything just talk to me please help me get this over with because I cannot do it alone and trust me I am extremely alone and have been for months hence why I have built such an addiction to you medication of my choice.

    Thanks for the love and support in advance yours truly


    P.S. sorry for the lengthy message I just wanted to fill you in on what you're getting yourself into. I hate this I really do.

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