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Been alternating btw subs and Oxys daily
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    Default Been alternating btw subs and Oxys daily

    For the past 6mos or so I have been alternating between subs and Oxys almost every day. I would take maybe 120-150mg of oxy in the AM and then 12hrs or so later I would take between .25mg-.5mg of sub to avoid withdrawals the following morning. Then again the next morning another 120-150mh of oxy and repeat. Oxys, subs, Oxys, subs, oxys, subs, etc. Don't ask but I have never had precipitated withdrawals from this cycle. At most maybe some minor uncomfortableness if I dose my sub a little to early.

    NOW - Ive come to the point where I'm fed up having to rely on drugs to feel right. I want SO bad to just be able to enjoy my life without any drugs. It's been so long since I can remember waking up and not immediately having a thought about either drugs or subs. I have a baby coming in 2 weeks yet still this doesn't deter me from using. MY CHILD can't even deter me. The thought of overdosing and leaving my wife and kid by themselves occurs daily but still I use. It's crazy how much of a part of my life this cycle has become. I want off but I'm not sure how to go about it. I have a few 8mg pill subs left right now and (2) 2mg strips. I absolutely hate the uncomfortableness of withdrawals that I avoid them at all costs. However, with this baby on the way, I think I'm ready to deal with the pain of withdrawals. Should I induce just like anyone else first starting on subs? Or is the fact that I've been on subs for 6mos or so mean I'm already induced? I know to feel totally comfortable I would need .5mg sub twice a day. However, being that my sub stash is limited, I'm thinking that maybe .25mg every 12hrs or every 8hrs might be a good starting dose. Being that I have been taking subs while still using, does the whole 120-150mg of oxy I take actually get through? Or is it closer to half that? I just don't understand the correlation between taking subs and the amount of oxy actually absorbed by my body. Any info from anyone who has been in this situation would be greatly appreciated. Or any words of encouragement or someone with a plan/taper sched I could use would also be helpful. Can I just jump off? Cold turkey? I know I've been on subs for a long time but always at a dose no higher than 1-1.25mg/day. Is this considered a long time/high dose? Someone just tell me what to do and I'll try it. I'm ready.

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    Hi MAKRox. Your name is familiar and I don't know if it's because I've posted to you before or recognize your name amongst the hundreds nad hundreds of older posts I'm constantly reading. Either way I would be happy to offer any assistance you need. I'm literally STUNNED you haven't put yourself into PWD doing what you've been doing. It makes no sense to me and goes against everything I know from experience and don't believe I've ever heard of anyone going back and forth in such little time. You're one-in-a-million my friend!!!

    What you should do for the least chance of having very minor if any symptoms is to taper as low as possible, and taking it real slow. If you have you obtain a few more subs then so be it. If you rush it I'll bet you won't like the symptoms you may be having. Yes you've already induced by taking the subs as you have so no need to worry about that. What you need to do is get on a steady dose and remain there a while before tapering lower.

    You've been taking between .25mg and .5mg of sub after the Oxy. But you also said you took no more than 1mg to 1.25mg a day. Even with those "little" amounts of .25mg to as high as 1.25mg you still have sub in your system, and probably more than you realize due to the very long half life subs have. You mentioned needing probably .5mg of sub to stabilize. So what I suggest is taking a TOTAL daily dose between .5mg and 1mg for now to get started.

    You should remain there at LEAST 4 days and probably longer depending on how you feel. If you feel good as in little to no wd's and feel stable then you could reduce the dose by 25% and repeat thhose same suggestions. But if you feel some wd's and just overall rough I highly recommend remaining on that dose a day or two longer to see if your system accepts the dose. Those that get in a hurry or want to taper while experiencing symptoms are usually the ones having the most trouble.

    If you take this slow, steady, and controlled you'll be very happy you did when the time to jump gets there. I've been there done that MAKRox and speak from experience and the experiences of many I've helped in person. If you follow the plan Robert325 wrote some time ago you can be assured it still works very very well. I've been off subs now going on 10 months and feel terrific!!

    Hope this helps. Please continue posting. Lots of caring members here that will jump in to help.

    As far as jumping now you can certainly do that if you remain committed to it. If you have the willpower and a positive attidude you can absolutely be successful. I've always said, and will continue to do so that subs should always be the last choice you mkae after all other methods have failed. I tried everything I could to get clean only to relapse more times than I can count. Subs saved my life, but I took them correctly and I stuck with the plan so many others have used before me.

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