I’m not a doctor and not in the medical field but from experience this is what I have learned. You can look up my thread and see that first I detoxed from Oxycodone 30mg more than three a day to Norco and sad to say I was prescribed 7.5mg four times a day but was running out early every month. Ok so I did the Thomas Recipe and it didn’t work for me. So my detox from Oxy was horrible but I survived. Was off of it for quite a bit before I started back on Norco. So I decided like we all hopefully do that I had enough. I researched and researched and read the forum night and Day. Also watched YouTube videos. So I found what I consider an easy withdrawal. Granted I got physician help but did it on my own while working. I took two Imodium in am along with Baclofen 10mg and I took ibuprofen for fever and headache as well as 5mg Valium three to four times a day. Day one wasn’t great but I made it even working. Got chills took ibuprofen. It worked. Idk if this will work for everyone but it did for me. By day 5 I was fine. The other days a little tired but still worked. Now I did get strep and back slide for a bit but only a couple a day and then quit again. I unfortunately have the flu right now but I won’t backup again. I’m just trying to help so obviously get your doctors help. However this worked and no cravings or anxiety. I know that horrible feeling of cold then hot and sweating and laying around panicking about the world and life. It gets better. It will pass. Oxy took about ten days to get a smidge better but with no comfort meds other than Xanax once a night for sleep. I’m not suggesting you take Valium because I know it’s addictive but five days and I was able to quite it with no issues. I’m just trying to help. Of course see your doctor before trying this. I did take Imodium more than once a day but not high doses and I have ibs. Just wanted to share. Good luck to everyone getting off. It’s not as bad as it sounds and it gets better quickly. Completely worth it. God bless.