The only antidepressant that is effective for me is Wellbutrin 150mg. Makes me feel 100% OK without any noticeable side effects.

The problem is that if I take it constantly then I get hypomanic and thus few days later I have severe depression. I am trying hard to find the right combo for me.

I was 150mg Wellbutrin (morning) + 200mg Lamictal (night). This made me 100% good in one week but after 1 month led to hypomania and then severe depression.

To tolerate depression now my doc increased 150mg -> 300mg Wellbutrin and wants to quit 200mg Lamictal and start Depakine.

I am so afraid that 300mg Wellbutrin will very soon make me hypomanic again. I was very suicidal and severe depressed and when Wellbutrin increased 150mg -> 300mg I started feeling much better from day 1.

I am totally desperate on how to stabilise Wellbutrin's incredible antidepressant effect on me.

I feel like when Wellbutrin makes me OK then I need to take it 1 per week.. in combination with a good stabilizer maybe depakine as suggested by my doc.

Any ideas from your experience? Thank you..

I am so so desperate now on how I can be stabilized.