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codeine addiction
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    Default codeine addiction

    I have been on codeine for 7.years trying to quit withdrawals r horrible. I just left a 6 year domestic violent relationship and with both of these I feel I'm losing it. I have a 4 yr old daughter that I feel like I can't take care of without the help of my mom. I have spent thousands of dollars on my addiction what am I suppose to do no insurance.

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    Hang in there. Just think how good u will feel and how much better of a parent u feel (not saying pill addicted parents r bad) im talking about the guilt u get. I bought l tyrosine b12 iron prenatal (im not preggo) niacin vitamin c magnesium i alternate taking them now im almost 2 months clean from vics. Just get thru the first 3 to 5 days and the withdrawal will lighten up. I just hated the restless leg...i did have xanax and muscle relaxers for bed time to help. Hot baths and showers help. And ur wont wanna donit but get up and move around. I played just dance on my xbox to get exercise in. I did notice an immidiate change on my "short fuse " ...i have a longer fuse and i smile more im happy again and you WILL be happy and feeling great again too. I quit vold turkey...however i used another drug in small amount the first cple days to ease the major hit of WDs. Im not a fan of any other drugs so i felt comfy doing it and knowinf inwasnt trading the pills for another addiction. Immodiam ad helped with the cravings also. I took the amount of the measurement cap it came with. I will feel so proud that in a cple days u can pass a drug test for work. I took vics for 5 yrs. You can do it!!!

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    Kdizzled- hang in there for your daughter. You can be stronger than the addiction, and thank God you got away from the abuse. It could've been turned on your daughter if you stayed.
    You'll find lots of strong, knowledgeable, support here, without judgment.
    Hang in there, the first 3 days were the toughest for me-18 days off of a 10 year run on oxycodone. It really does get easier every day, but you have to take each day, one day at a time. When that seems too tough, one hour at a time. Just remember, you will get through this and on the other side you'll be a much stronger, better person for it. You and your daughter deserve to be free.
    Stay strong my friend,

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