I started on cymbalta 30mg for severe anxiety, panic attacks, ocd. Anxiety was causing off balance feelings and feeling unreal. Didnt have side effects from the 30mg but didn't seem to be doing anything.
Went up to 60mg but had to start tapering down after 2 weeks because of bad head pressure, headaches and heavy eyes.

I've made it down to 40mg when I started getting random awful adrenaline surges when walking, as a side effect of decreasing cymbalta. Although oddly enough I do seem to be feeling real again, panic attacks better until the adrenaline surges start. Didnt think ocd was getting better but now i think it might possibly be. Still wake up shaking with anxiety and feeling off balance at times.

My issue is, my doctor gave me Prozac 10mg to help taper off cymbalta and to go ahead and stay on the Prozac as a permanent switch. I was excited that this would work. I'm currently down to 35mg cymbalta. I took ONE Prozac, immediately felt unreal again, very foggy, kinda dizzy, like a bad high and tired. Tried to sleep that night and had adrenaline rushes as I was falling asleep, got scared that I couldn't breathe, could barely open my mouth to do deep breathing. Heart beating kind of fast. It's been over 24 hours since I took it and I still feel very out of it. Very unreal. Slightly nauseous. My question is do I just continue the Prozac or just stick with the 40mg cymbalta. Not sure I can handle the side effects of Prozac for 4 weeks.