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Did I miss-step by getting on Suboxone this time?
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    Default Did I miss-step by getting on Suboxone this time?


    I tend to over-explain, but will try to keep things as succinct as possible. The information and comfort here has been exceedingly helpful, particularly kind Robert and the other avid-posters.

    I am on Suboxone for the second time, and have only been on it since last Thursday, so 5 days including this mornings dose. History:

    Last year, I went through a lot of painful emotional events at the same time in my 24th year, and I started coping with my problems poorly, but using opiates. It started with a few lortabs here and there but eventually ramped to 150mg roxicodone spread over 3 days, then 4 days off, then 10 lortab 10's a day for 5 days, then 4 days off, etc. When I tried to taper down or go through w/d naturally, the physical / mental / emotional aspect of the withdrawal itself PLUS what I was dealing with already (end of a 5 year relationship which was very messy, my father died of a heart attack suddenly, and my step-father was diagnosed with brain and lung cancer) I just couldn't get through it, so I finally felt helpless enough that I tried Suboxone.

    I now realize they (same clinic I am currently using) are more of the careless, for the $$ type, as it was extremely easy to procure, they started me at a 16mg a day dose (I now realize from this board how high that is) and their suggestions on tapering were almost non-existent. Alas, I tapered off as well as I saw fit in about 2.5-3 months, not ideal, but I did quit using. However, w/d (probably due to my tapering schedule and length of use) was pretty rough. 2-3 weeks of extreme discomfort and lethargy. But I made it.

    I stayed clean for 5 months, but allowed life stress and other things to keep me from addressing the underlying emotional/behavioral issues that fueled my use. So, around May of this year, I played with fire, I made the classic mistake and tried to see if I could use casually. Well now I know... I cannot. It quickly spun out of control, but nothing too crazy. The worst I got was 60-90 mg of roxi each day for a few days, then 4 days off (sounds familiar), then maybe 5 lortab 7.5's a day for a few days, then 4 days off, etc. Coping mechanism/emotional-crutch.. but I still got very VERY scared and did feel weak/loose stool/nausea when I went off, so I freaked out and called my Suboxone clinic again.

    I even discussed the decision with my counselor (she is not a psychiatrist, mind you, but I trust her greatly) and thought long and hard and decided a short stint (after reading this board a bit) on Sub would provide me a familiar / safe plan to get out of the cycle I was in.

    Now... since last Thursday things have been a bit weird. I haven't taken more than 8mg a day once, I immediately went down to 3mg 2x a day on the second day, as that first 8mg dose felt like I got rather f***ed up! More than I needed, I figured. So I've been at 3mg 2x a day for the past 4 days including this morning's dose. However, I have not felt good... weird throat irritation, headaches, muscle tension, obviously the typical stuff like zero sex drive, impossible to reach climax, zero bowel movement activity.

    Essentially I am just seeking help / comfort / advice ... should I keep this up for 1 to 2 weeks and do the Robert suggested 25% taper down ? Should I maybe not even be on this stuff this time around? Obviously that clinic has little interest in keeping me OFF of it.. they knew I was there to get it and they are happy to Rx it, regardless of circumstances really. Just being brutally honest that's what kind of facility it seems to be.

    I just know that this low dose is causing me to feel lethargic/weird/anxious and already have unsteady sleep. The last thing I used before I broke down and went to the clinic was just 2-3 Darvocet 100-Ns a day! I guess I am saying my usage wasn't that crazy, it was just my behavior that felt out of control (I couldn't quit picking up the phone and trying to buy despite knowing I needed to quit).

    Is just dropping off sub after 5 days EVER advisable? Probably not, I realize. But if not, should I try to taper off ASAP as in a few days from now after this 6mg a day dose for a week?

    I apologize for the length of this and my scattered writing... I am nervous and scared from every angle, and don't want to undergo another withdrawal if I don't need to. I just want to do this right.

    Thank youuuuu...

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    Welcome here! There’s a lot of great people here that have a lot of experience with subs/opiates that can offer advice and support. You’re at the right place!

    I have very little personal experience with sub. I only used it in between getting other opiates, so take my opinions on it as only opinions. I do have a handful of friends who have used / continue using it. So I know SOME about it. First, you had five months clean so we both know that it’s possible to get clean and you can do it! From what I know 8mg is a super high dose of sub and 6 mg is still too high for the opiate amount you were using. I would think that would be the reason for some of the problems your having like not climaxing, you’re pretty medicated.

    Again there’s many others here who know much more than me about sub. But the decision on wether to continue to use it is yours. I’ve seen friends use it for 6 months who were iv drug users and it drastically improved their life and helped them get back on their feet. I also have friends that had pretty low oxy habits that are still using sub today, over 4 years with no ambition to get off it. Just sharing my experiences. Research it. Figure out what’s best for you. Too me sub is just is a great tool to help get structure back in your life. No doing bad things to get drugs, not having to continue to redose multiple times a day and keeping yourself out of bad situations. But then on the other hand it can be used as just any other opiate out there. Just depends on what your honest intentions are with it and only you know that.

    Im sure more will jump in with help shortly!
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    Welcome....OKC26 had some good of this stuff is up to YOU!! I think you want to be clean, as I do!! So....My opinion is to begin tapering as soon as possible....6mg MY OPINION...a very high dose still!! I believe you could get that cut in half....or better...maybe 2mg.... in a pretty short time , without feeling much w/d symptoms!! After that, I would cut .25mg....every time you get feeling stable on current dose!! So....once you get to 1.75 and feel ok....Go so on.....That's what I've been currently doing....Started at somewhere around 2.5mg....And I am finally down to .25mg....I have went VERY slowly....but that's ok....I'm down to this now, and will cut that in half, for my final .125mg.....Then I'll be jumping totally OFF in a few more weeks...And from past experience.....It should be fairly painless!! There will be some discomfort....sleeplessness.....and shouldn't be bad!! I wish you the best on whatever road you choose!! Last thing I will say is...From past experience......It feels wonderful to beat this "BEAST"....Once your energy comes back.....I know I'll feel Much better then ANY days on this drug!! Stay Strong Just For Today!!

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    Welcome msmile!! I see you've already gotten some solid advice/suggestions from Dave and okc. So I'll just throw my 2 cents in here. Suboxone is a very powerful drug most estimate it to be about 30 times stronger than morphine. And it has a very long half life so it stays in your body cor a very long time. So therefore it is a bear to get off of. The way we recommend here is a slow steady taper all the way down to .25mg or less. Short tapers that you spoke of rarely work. Subs are a great tool to help you get clean if they are used properly.

    Just as Dave said 6mg/day is a monster dose of subs. I know they prescribed you 16mg/day but believe me when I tell you that no human being needs 16mg/day of suboxone. They have a ceiling effect around 8mg. So anything you take over that you're just wasting sub. I agree with Dave here you could probably cut that dose in half to start. By taking 3mg/day and start reducing every 4-7 days after that.

    The taper plan really works just like Dave said. Thousands have used it to get clean. I found this place after I had already jumped from 1mg of subs. Let me tell you even 1mg of subs is a hefty dose and not recommended to jump from. It was brutal for sure. I won't tell you a horror story but let's just say I wish I had done a bit more research. It would have made for a much softer landing. But I have no regrets. Today I'm coming up on 9 months clean and feeling great!! I was worried if I could even function off the junk. But life clean is sooo much better than I could have ever hoped for!!

    Either way, whatever you choose we are here to support you. Read others threads, post as much as you need to, ask questions. This is a great place with amazing people who will help you on your way.

    Let us know what you decide.
    Have a great day
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