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Doctor lowered my Xanax dose and Prescribed Seroquel?
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    Angry Doctor lowered my Xanax dose and Prescribed Seroquel?

    Day 16 clean from Oxycottin and Oxycodone!!
    Friday night and I want to rip my face off.
    My typical Friday night use to consist of popping a hand full of pills.
    Then drinking my self stupid and consuming a dangerously huge amount
    Of cocaine. Then coming full circle back to oxy and Xanax to come down.
    I'm bored out of my mind. My doc perscribed Seroquel to help tapper
    Down from the Xanax. I'm just fed up of sleeping all the time.
    Is this unusual for doctors to prescribe anti phycotics for anxiety?
    I don't like how the Seroquel makes me feel. Any thoughts?
    What do you guys do when the itch comes knocking?
    One sip and I'll slip.

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    Congratulations on 16 days clean OxyHell!

    I can't be sure how common it is for a dr to prescribe seroquel for anxiety but one thing is for sure, you won't have any problems sleeping! It's a tough med to take during the day. What mg does the doc have you on? 25-50 mg at bedtime is plenty for a good nights sleep without the hangover feeling in the morning. Boredom could very well be a trigger for you so it's vital to find something to occupy your time and keep your thoughts from straying to somewhere they shouldn't be ... it could help with the anxiety as well. If the itch ever comes knocking for me I usually bury myself in some type of activity. I have a handful of things to keep my mind occupied and any one of them is usually enough to keep me focused and not thinking "bad" thoughts. Even something as simple as binge watching Netflix has helped me in the past.

    Keep your chin up and stay the course! This is all gets better with time.

    Hopefully somebody will be along soon with more experience than myself and better advice to get you through this.

    Stay strong and good luck!

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    Thanks for the reply froggy!!
    Doc has me on 25mg Seroquel three times a day!!
    Way too much I felt like a zombie at first.
    I took the liberty of lowering the dose my self.
    I only take half a 25mg at night before bed and 1mg Xanax twice a day as needed.
    The Seroquel is supposed to help me tapper off the Xans but I find it hard to function.
    Day 17 no Oxy and the cravings are sill pretty hardcore.
    I try to bury my self in activities but I get tired so fast. I've watched everything there is on Netflix LOL!
    Thanks for the support this site is a god send.

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    Hey LivingOxyHell, CONGRATS on your days off Oxy! Not an easy thing to accomplish in any way, so good on you!! When I was on Seroquel it really drug me down a lot as well, and had to just use it at night to sleep. Even then it bogged me down a lot the next morning so wasn't something I could stay on very long.

    As far as activity, do you do any kind of exercise? I know you've only been off the Oxy for a minute and still get worn out pretty fast, but even just doing some stretching every day, or walking around the house can help a lot. Anything to get your endorphin's going a bit will only help in the long run. When I first jumped I'd make sure to take breaks whenever I could from watching netflix etc. to walk around the house, spend 10 minutes stretching etc. Seemed to help my mood and overall activity level in the long run a lot.

    Also, while I had a hard time concentrating on reading anything the first month or so, I would spend time just coloring mandalas every now and then. Would be another way to fill up time and get some brain activity going which seemed to help my overall mood. Just a couple thoughts I had reading your post.

    Keep up the great work, and keep at it!!
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    Hello Draven!
    I walk around quite a bit actually. Have a household to maintain.
    Kids animals etc. My boss god bless his soul has let me work part time.
    I'd say I almost overwork my self in this state I'm in.
    Gotta do what's necessary to get by am I right?
    The Seroquel is absolutely dragging me down I feel so heavy.
    At the same time it's been helping with wlth sleep, withdrawl etc.
    Sometimes I think my life quality was better on oxy then I remember
    The money i wasted "treating" my imaginary pain.
    Plus the hell of detox is enough to scare anyone away.
    It helps to read these threads and have talk to people who can relate.
    My family can be a little judgmental seeing as I'm the only junkie in the bunch.
    Still pushing strong and committed to staying clean thanks for your support guys!

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    Anonymous Guest


    Hi Oxy! Congratulations on your achieving freedom. It’s a tough thing to get through. I too, was prescribed seroquel to help me withdraw from benzodiazepines and opiates. It did a good job minimizing withdrawals, but it was like walking in a fog. I guess it worked. I ended up stopping the seroquel. It was dragging me down. It got me through the first month with minimal withdrawal symptoms.

    I also suffer with boredom now that I’m clean. I justified seriously twisted, doped up living, and when I was all stoned out things seemed exciting. I’m learning to reconnect without drugs and it’s tough. I always feel restless, but without the drugs I am doing things again. It’s not been easy, but I have moments where I really feel grounded and ok.

    I hope you make it. You’re doing so well!
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    I'm jumping off my Seroquel and Celexa and sticking to Strickly Xanax.
    The Seroquel some how made my halusanations worse and more frequent.
    The Celexa made me depressed and slow.
    I have other ways of getting my hands on Benzo so my docs plan to tapper can go to hell.
    My main goal was to get off Oxy not start a whole new cocktail of meds.
    Other then anacohol and A cocaine relapse I had two nights ago I'm still opiate free 24 days!
    (Still feel rather stupid about that seeing as my sobriety count is back to day 1.)
    Just looking for some feed back about jumping off Seroquel and Celexa.
    I don't want to live in a fog anymore.
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