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doctor told me several times my muscle twitches are from stress. is this possible??
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    Default doctor told me several times my muscle twitches are from stress. is this possible??

    I started having a muscle twitch in my arm 3 months ago, then it quickly spread to my whole whole body, ie; arms, legs, butt, face, legs, hands, back, stomach, feet. I also have tingling in my legs and arms as well. Doctor said this points away from ALS. I recently had a neurological exam done by my family doctor and everything was fine. I saw another doctor and they agreed with my family doctor. My thyroid is a bit low but treatment made me feel worse, ie: more twitches. I was told that I need to deal with my stress and anxiety. I started looking up my symptoms and I became worried of ALS.

    I also have no muscle wasting or weakness. I do have some muscle cramps that move around but my doctor told me that too much thyroid hormone can do that. He took me off my thyroid medication. He also stated that with ALS twitches do not jump around the body at random, same goes for the minor cramps I have. I have mentioned my fear of ALS to him several times and he seemed to getting annoyed with me. I am at a very very stressful point in my life.

    The twitches vary in strength all throughout my body.If I get up and move around the twitches and cramps stop and I generally feel better. But when I sit down they start up again. I have seen my doctor 3 times in a month and he thinks it is all stress related. I am very stressed and I have an ongoing fear of ALS as a result of goggling my symptoms.

    My GF is a also a doctor and she has tested my reflexes and performed some strength tests and she see's nothing that would suggest ALS. But I am still very worried due to my muscles twitches. Does this sound like anxiety and stress to anyone else??

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    I think their right. But if you have a gut feeling it's something else don't ignore it (just in case)
    Sorry I'm not a doctor but also don't stress too much by thinking of your fears.
    Try to have some time for yourself and do something that you enjoy and makes you a but relaxed.
    Maybe overtime you will slowly feel some weight lift off.
    I hope you feel better.

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