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Does anyone else have really bad racoon eyes?
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    Default Does anyone else have really bad racoon eyes?

    Im on day 4 and I look like death. My eyes are all swelled up and it looks like someone gave me 2 black eyes. Does everyone get this?

    Oxycodone/vic withdrawl

    Thanks so much

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    very common. Especially with the lack of sleep it will be worse. You will get over it. Don't let dark eyes get you down. Hey just be thankful that's all you're asking about Good luck.

    Make sure to stay hydrated and get as much sun and exercise as you can. It will help your body in repairing itself.
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    Jay, I echo Comeback...stay hydrated! And yes, sunshine, some mild exercise. You're right at the height of the worst of it, and that means, it will ONLY GET BETTER!! Keep in mind the poison you were putting in your body and know that it is just getting through that, so it won't be pretty for a gets better, though!

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