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does doing drugs make it harder to ejaculate?
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    Default does doing drugs make it harder to ejaculate?

    When your on drugs, is it harder to ejaculate?

    My boyfriend is now clean, but before was a >>>>>> addict, and he ejaculates all the time now when we have sex, but before he seriously would never ejaculate, probably once in a while only. So I was wondering, was it due to the drug use?

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    I'm taking Oxycodone, and yes it is hard to ejaculate

    I would assume >>>>>> is in the same class as Oxy

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    Opiates most definitely play a part in sexual dysfunction. It is harder to get an erection, maintain an erection, and yes, to ejaculate. I'm sure you can see the difference, now that he's clean. Good for him and you!

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    I agree - it was the opiate use. Without getting too graphic, the same difficulty occurs in women, by the way...

    Very glad to hear he is clean, as this is a horrific disease. I pray he is maintaining that recovery with counseling and/or AA or NA. It's a life-long, chronic issue.

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    Sexual dysfunction to some or any extent is a common side effect of being on opiates. It stands to reason also that it can lower blood pressure and reduces sensitivity in both male and female but in males for sure. Other medicatons/drugs can reduce ejaculate also such as meds for BPH such as Rapiflo for example. Lack of or prolapsed ejaculation into the bladder can happen also but long story short is yes it can and does happen.


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