Until I was 50 years old, I never took a pill.*
I have never been an addict of any substance.
I was in a car accident, that resulted in a serious neck injury six years later that required a cervical fusion. This was not an optional surgery, I was at level 9(between 1-10) and had less than a year inwhich the right side of my neck/scap and arm would be permanently damaged.
I had the surgery in 2005 and woke up in excritiating pain. I have a high pain tolerance, but this was beyond liveable; it can best be described by saying it felt like my scaps and arm were broken by a bat with dozens of wasps stinging me at the same time. All I could do was howl and walk in circles. My surgeon shooed me away, and I was driven to my pain doctor(prolotherapy, an alternative to surgery for a pulled muscle where you get thirty or more dextrrose shots thelp strengthen soft tissue..) He imediately gave me four pills to se which worked for my sever nerve pain, only 2 worke: Morphine and Methadone.. I have been on slow release MS for12 years although in the past few years have gone down to 1 pill or less, depending on how bad the pain is.

After years of pain, and several evaluations I was told the surgeon had clamped up too high when doing the procedure and permanently damaged my nerve ROOT. Recently, trigger point steriod injections has helped me tremendously, and I alternate between oxydone or morphine as little as possible. I am trying to reduce this as much as possible, however, if I do anything wrong, I can end up in bed for several weeks at a time and must take the pain meds. I am attempting to be as careful as possible.I had four major attacks this year bylifting or moving stuff. And by going on a bumpy road in a jeep..that really did me in.

Then, about five years ago, the tendond in my ankle split 6". I had a cast for a long time and had to sleep with my leg up. A doctor gave me 2mg of Klonopin for sleep, as it was impossible to sleep otherwise. I took 2 mg and became adicted to them for sleep. As I sufer from pain also and opioids don't allow me to sleep, I just kept taking the Klonopin, not realizing how serious the dependency was until I stopped once, and learned my lessonn.

I am now trying to reduce my dose. I had gotten down to i mg at one time without trouble. I am taking 1.5 now, and if I can't sleep I take Melatonin. I am planning on reducing to 1.25, and cut down every week slowly. When I get to .5 I will go to a quarter of that for a week, and then to another quarter until I get to .the smallest amount and then stop. I figure this will take six weeks. Any comments regarding this will be helpful.

I am also trying to cut down on the pain meds, but I do have a serious pain condition and have ben taking sr morpine or oxydodone, 30 mgs when needed. This is not infammatory pain...its NERVE ROOT pain, and I am allergic to blood thinning pain relievers anyway. I never know when the steriods will wear off, so I have not been able to stop completely. I am so frustrated and want to be off all of these meds.
Am I approaching this as best as possible?
* I do take 50mg of Zoloft for many years for an anxiety disorder related to PTSD...dont need to tell that story here.

I was once a top athelete, and I made my living as an artist, a painter and designer, but without the use of my right arm, my life, including all exercise, was taken away from me. I am just now starting to take it back, and I am fortunate that I have many many interests . I plan on trying pilates and hope it does not hurt e...private lessons.

I am also currently as of this week struggling horribly with a bad reaction to the antibiotic levoxoquine. IT HAS WIPED OUT MY ENTIRE SYSTEM. This just complicates everything. Does nyone know about this as well. All together, I am struggling to get off medications and regain my health. Again, I am not an adict, and don't think about seeking pills when I m not in pain. I have been on them so long, I feel no high whatsoever anyway, and before this happened all opiates just made me vomit. So please appproach this to somone who is not an addict.

If anyone has any experience similiar, or is informed on these issues, any suggestion or information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. And well wishes to all who are suffering.