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Ear infection prescription caused me to lose more than just my job!
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    Unhappy Ear infection prescription caused me to lose more than just my job!

    I wish I remember what the name of this prescription medicine was?! I was 22 and had the worst ear infection. This was probably the third time I received an ear infection after high school. It was a horrible pain inside my ears. I tried using hydrogen peroxide to clean out my ears, but that didn't help. The pain was so unbearable, that I had to beg to leave work to see a doctor right away. My boss was ticked off about that request.

    Anyways, went to the doctor, and was diagnose with an ear infection. She said that my ear drums were swollen and red. They put me on antibiotics for a week or so. The pain was still intense and grew worser by the day. So next thing, I they gave me was an over the counter medicine. Yeah, you know the kind of liquid you have to shoot it up your nose. (yuck!) Very bitter! That seems to be working very well.

    After that, the pain was gone, but I kept on hearing bubbles popping when clearing my throat. I thought it was no big deal but my ears kept on clogging up with the bubble noise for a long time. So third time back to the doctor, this time everything looks fine. But the bubbles were clogging up in my head like bubble wraps popping? So they prescriped me a very powerful ear drops that I was suppose to take for a few days or week? Must of had acid in it, because it hurts my head sooo bad that my performance at work was slowed down by 20%. It was just a few small drops like the directions said. So the next day, my head was still in pain. Trying to listen to the doctors order, I tried a few drops again. And this time my head felt like someone had stabbed a butcher knife through my brain from right to left. It was so bad, that I finally left work in the middle of the day. I was sooo frustrated, that I threw the bottle away and slept the entire day.

    Next day, my head was a little better, not to mention that it was also my birthday. And what happened next was uncalled for! They wanted me fired because I was skipping and slowing down production at work for that month. Oh just grrreat! After months of finding a job with no success, I had to go back to waitressing and later on to working at a nail salon. It was very obvious that I can stay busy and get the job done, but I was 3 times slower at getting the job done. Hmm....sounds familiar? So I really don't understand what it was in that prescription medine that had decreased my ability to work or heck think quick? If anyone knows how I can improved myself other than practice doing the job faster, please let me know! I am losing a lot more than a job, but my brain cells slow rate!

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    Ear infections can be incredibly painful I know, the pain does not let up, and there's no way to comfort it. I had one that lasted 4 months, the pain was so bad I was crying, it was the worst pain I ever had. I've always had too much ear wax, my ears plug up and it makes me almost deaf, I ended up cleaning the wax out so much, too good, that I lost all my wax, and that's what caused the pain and infection, and it took forever for the wax to grow back, which was odd since I always had too much. A couple of times what caused the pain was little fibers of cotton from the Q-Tips being lodged far back in my ear, my head was screaming with pain, making me cry, sick to my stomach, dizzy, and pain meds wouldn't touch the pain, nothing would. I saw an ENT twice a week to vacuum them out, I had antibiotic pills (Cipro) and Cipro HC otic ear drops, plus I was getting 30mg Oxy IR tid on top of my 80mg Oxycontin qid, which didn't put a dent in my pain level. I even asked if there was something like liquid cocaine drops or something that he could Rx to numb my pain, he said no, I even considered compounding it myself and would have had I known where to acquire it from.

    All I can suggest is you go see an ENT (ear, nose & throat) doctor, if you haven't already, they can put you on light duty, employers don't understand and don't care. Ear infections have to experienced to be appreciated, and that's not the right word, they're worse then miserable!
    Good luck

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