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False Positive for cocaine
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    Default False Positive for cocaine

    I took a urine and hair drug test on 10/19/18 which returned a positive result from the hair for cocaine 6 days later,I then requested a split test conducted at the same which returned the same.results,after I was told the test would be conducted at a totally different facility and it was not. I have not used cocaine and the only drugs taken were advil-ibuprofen and Equate ibuprofen both for a toothache the week the test was given.I also drank coffee and a panax ginseng extract capsule that's it!!! How can I get a positive results for something I havent used!!??

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    I am not sure about cocaine but my friend, a life long non drug user and a nurse, tested positive for Meth a few years ago during a routine drug test. She too fought the test (hers I think was urine) and it did take awhile but she was able ti prove she was not on meth. I know she had to hire a lawyer - her livelihood was on the line so she had no choice. It was eventually figured out that the heartburn meds she was taking were widly known to cause this false positive result. She eventually got her job back and also back pay. I would contact a lawyer if it means your job is on the line.

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