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first days are the hardeest
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    Default first days are the hardeest

    I am on my second day .I am feeling horrible. I am coming off of 3 years of pain pills .Its not that i dont want to quit taking them .I am ready to give them up not only for myself but for my children to . I hate the person I am when I take them.the hardest part {as you all know} is the detox. Icant sleep Icant eat food ,makes me sick. Iam so tired i cant keep my eyes open but my body is shaking so bad it hurts. Im doing this cold turkey and Iknow Iwill beat this .But because of all of the pysical stuff that im going through ,I think should i go to the hospital my doc wont help.He just me ass his patient. so now this is getting so hard physically I am having a hard time catching my breath. I guess what Im asking is ,should i go to the hospital or will this pass soon? Is something that could behelped there without going in as a patiant.
    Any ideas? thanxs

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    First things first! get a new dr. any dr that would not adress your situation with care and understanding should not be practicing. If you have to this is what I suggest. find a new dr.if you have to take a smaller amount of the pain pills untill you get an appt with a dr, and then go off of the pain pills with his/her help.Good luck.


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