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Going off tramadol
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    Default Going off tramadol

    A little back story I have been prescribed tramadol for over 3 years, I started out on low doses and when my body got more used to the medicine I would take 2 first thing in the morning and then 1 every couple hours. I always ran out early every month and of course went through the horrible withdrawals, before I filled my recent prescription my dr said she wasn’t calling them in for me anymore, I took my normal doses everyday until I had about 3 left this past Saturday and Sunday (it’s tuesday now) I took one each day, felt fine even though I wasn’t on my normal dose, but I was also taking vyvanse so I think that might have helped, only withdrawal symptom I had was Sunday night I had restless leg, I also have a prescription for gabapentin so I took a half one and as soon as it kicked in RLS stopped and I slept like a baby, yesterday (Monday) I didn’t take any tramadol until about 7pm when I took a half one, I also took vyvanse yesterday too, again last night i took a half gabapentin so I wouldn’t have RLS and I had no restless leg at all, I’m down to one half tramadol now and only 2 vyvanse left I’m getting really scared, I hate the withdrawals from tramadol their brutal, any advice on how to get through them without feeling like I’m dying?

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    Tramadol is a nasty drug. I just recently went through 45 pills in I think 12-13 days and the brain zaps were unreal. I also took gabapentin for the first few days and that helped a lot. I also used lots of Imodium for stomach issues. The feeling like your dying part is inevitable BUT you will get through it. Keep yourself busy, exercise a lot especially since Tramadol acts like an antidepressant as well so exercising will help boost endorphins naturally.
    Come on here, post and read. Good luck!

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