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Happy Thanksgiving!
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    caughtagain is offline Diamond Member
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    Jul 2009

    Default Happy Thanksgiving!

    I just wanted to wish everyone who comes on here a Happy Thanksgiving... I also want you all to know that I am thankful to have ended up here... Yeah, kind of strange to think that, but think about it this way.. When we come on here, we are at the end of our rope... Searching, hoping, looking for something. Finding this forum could very well have saved my life, but more importantly it was the people and the time they took to give me a kind word, a kick in the butt, or an affermation when I needed it that helped me "get it" and find myself again... So, although right now might not be the best time for those starting out on their journey, be rest assured that if you want it... This place flat out works... it did for me 3 1/2 years ago and if I can do it, I feel there in not a person out there that can't achieve what I did... A new start, a new begining and a new life.. Happy Thanksgiving!! All my best, Reid
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    Melissa B is offline Senior Member
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    Happy Thanksgiving Reid!!
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    kc50 is offline Member
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    Nov 2012


    Happy Turkey Day, Reid! This year I am adding you to my thankful list!!!
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    saddad1 is offline Member
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    Mar 2012


    I second's amazing what people, addicts or not, are capable of. Everyone here who has lent me some strength, compassion, given me a laugh or w/e has been SO valuable to me over these last 3 weeks (and even back in March when I was here for a week) I can't express it. I too feel like my life has been saved in one way or another in part due to the support and communication on this board. Thank you guys! Be safe this week(end) and enjoy the sales on Friday!
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    rxqueen83 is offline Member
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    Feb 2012


    I got clean because of people like you CA, and so many members of this forum. I am SO glad to have been brought here by circumstance! I hope everyone has a great holiday!
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    COMPLETELY CLEAN (Sub FREE) as of 7/20/12

    "I don't like the drugs, but the drugs LIKE ME" Marilyn Manson

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    ComingHome is offline Senior Member
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    Happy Thanksgiving all
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    There is ALWAYS hope

    Clean from painkillers and all mind altering substances since 4/25/2013

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    mottam is offline Advanced Member
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    Every so often, my sponsor has me write a Gratitude List.
    I won't bore people w/ my personal list of thanks, but to those still stuggling, know this:
    I am thankful that I am clean.
    I am thankful that the obsession to use has been lifted.
    I am thankful that I have peace of mind, body, and spirit.
    I am thankful that I am clean, and not withdrawing or chasing my next oxy on Thanksgiving.
    I am thankful that I will actually be there; that I won't be so high - I will actually rememeber Thanksgiving Day, 2012.

    These are just a few things that recovery - this forum and NA - has given me in the new way of life I have chosen to lead.
    It is available to anyone - you just need to surrender the fight already - and get on w/ the process of recovery.
    Best of luck, in my prayers.

    Kindest Regards and Happy Thanksgiving family.
    Persistency is consistency

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    HarrySmooth is offline Advanced Member
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    Oct 2012
    Mims FL


    HAPPY THANKSGIVING to Each and EVERY One of you!!!!!
    We are ALL Blessed to have each other!!!!!!
    Thank you All!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Harry Smooth

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    The Mad Man is offline New Member
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    Oct 2010


    Nice to see this. I also add my THANKS for my health and glad to join in on the thanksgiving festivities. There is only two of us here and in the past, there have been so many medical problems, it was hard to concentrate on something positive but there is light at the end of the tunnel and this is the first time in years we are actually going to make a turkey with a nice dinner, take some nice legal drugs and get a decent nights sleep. Making the best of it, so why not? Enjoy and happy turkey day to all!!!!

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    toni.s. is offline Senior Member
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    May 2012


    i just want to add that i am sooo grateful to be clean.
    and also so grateful for those of u here..
    those of u that helped me..
    and those of u being helped..
    helping others.
    doesn't matter what ur here for.
    you're here.
    you're in the right place.
    and this is a chance for anyone and everyone.

    don't pick up no matter what.
    start working THROUGH things.
    and before u know it..
    you're in a better place.
    physically. mentally. spiritually.
    and life keeps happening.
    and it gets better..
    i can only speak for myself.
    but like you said reid..
    lol if i can do it..
    jeez. anyone can.

    i can honestly say that i am grateful to be where i am today.
    don't know if i could have ever said that before, and actually meant it.
    it's awesome.

    happy thanksgiving!
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    Sunny mom is offline Member
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    Jun 2012


    Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for this forum, even though i haven't been checking in as often...I am doing well, clean since April 30 and AMAZINGLY I do not miss my DOC one bit! Even though this year it's been a much slower process getting out my Christmas decorations, I still shudder thinking of last year, and the false energy I got from popping a pill. Stay well, everyone, and enjoy the season!
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