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Hello to all! Remember me? Some helpful hints...
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    Exclamation Hello to all! Remember me? Some helpful hints...

    Hi everyone! I'm not sure if any of you remember me or not. I was on here around October battling my taper from pain meds.
    Things are going really well these days. I did have one downfall, I fractured a tooth into the jaw bone and had to have it removed by an oral surgeon. I was prescribed a very low does of vics and took them responsibly and for that I am proud of myself. It was the worst pain ever too! Never want that again....and I am terrified of the dentist to boot.

    Anyway, I am back on the wagon again and this time it seems to be much easier. Hadn't touched a pill at all since my last time here.
    I knew what to expect this time around so I went to my local health food store and spoke with the expert there about anxiety and headaches from all of this. I found an AMAZING product! I truly cannot say enough about it. The brand is Engergetix and it is only sold by practicioners or health food homeopathic people with the proper credentials. It is all flower based unlike herbs like Kava Kava and such, so it does not interfer with medications. The name of it is Rescue Calm. I was telling him how I have been suffering from anxiety but did NOT want to go to the dr for a script for benzos. He suggested this, as he takes it himself. He told me put the drops into my water and within five minutes of taking it, I would feel calmness. He was totally right!!! I couldn't believe it! Only downfall is that it does have a small amount of alcohol in it. There is another product very similar to this called Rescue Remedy.
    NOW....I am by NO MEANS a Dr. and I do NOT want to tell anyone to take something without speaking to someone with credentials first. This is a health food store that I have gone to since high school for natural cures and I trust them. I was very suprised with this product and am actually looking into how this type of product may help with my clients in the future. (Mental Health Counseling)
    I just wanted to give you all some food for thought. I know that the anxiety that comes with WDs can be overwhelming, and the thought of benzos can be worrisome because of the addiction factor involved. DO YOUR RESEARCH, no matter what course you choose, either medicinal or homeopathic.
    BLESSINGS TO ALL OF YOU that continue to fight this fight. There is hope on the other side. There is healing. If I can do it ANYONE can do it. Believe in yourself, stay strong, and lean on these wonderful people at ddc.
    Supermom.....strong again

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    Hi Supermom
    We remember you .....
    Thanks for sharing your story I'm sure it is going to help people and let them know you can stay clean...even when things come up like the dentist
    I'm still a big chicken tho when it come to taking pain pills... But I have them blast me with the gas when I'm there...
    anyway were really proud of you !!!
    talk to you later, Melinda

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