So basically last week on Wednesday I took my friends vyvanse, I have a script for focalin but I wanted to try my friend vyvanse to see how it worked with me but I’m in drug court and I get tested every week and the next day I got called for a drug test I thought no big deadbolt I went and took it but later thag day my counselor called me and told me that I tested positive for Amphetamines I wasn’t even stressing bc I have a prescription for focalin so we talked for a little bit about other stuff going on but long story short she said bring that in so we have valid proof of it and I confirm it with the lab bc right now your considered positive with the judge and court, I wasn’t thinking anything of it until I started doing my research and it turns out focalin isn’t even an Amphetamine nor will it show up. I’m very scared for tomorrow when I bring it in bc I’m aftaid she’s done her research or the lab mro will tell her it shouldn’t test for Amphetamines and they might send it out to a gas test. This has made me very angry and scared bc I absolutely get no recreational value from adds medication idek consider it a drug of abuse but now this can make me look very bad and possibly cause me to lose my focalin prescription which I do very need please help am I in the clear like what’s going to happen!!