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help asap
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    Default help asap

    I was on Roxys for 2 years got off that got on suboxone 12mg for 6 months moved to a different state and I couldnt find any dr to see me until 3 months out, I taper off suboxone but by the 3rd day I got pills. was on those for about 2 weeks then ran into some subutex on those 8mg for the last 3 weeks. i cut down to 4mg for 5 days and now I am almost out and I cut what i had i into .25s I have 6 of those left I was going to try to take them everyother day.. Is it going to matter? since I was only on the sub for a couple weeks from pills how sick am i going to be or not? your help would be most appreciated? I am so confused

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    Hi daisy,
    Ok, please tell me know how you took the sub over the two weeks. What dose did you start on, for how long on each dose, how long did you stay on the .25mg before jumping?
    Did you go through a little bit of symptoms while tapering down?
    All this is important.
    I myself did a fast taper, including a skipping process at the end, and all in all have used about 9mg.
    So let me know about the above, and I'll get back to you on what to expect.

    Please note, though, that fast tapers usually lead to relapse, especially if you don't have some sort of support system in place.
    We'll talk more about that later when you reply.
    But for now, try and not panic. We'll get you through this.

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