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Help For Migraines
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    Default Help For Migraines

    I have posted here before. I suffer from frequent, sometimes intense and unbearable, migraines. I am 34 years old. I have been having migraines since I was 12 but they have increased in frequency since the age of 21. In the last two years I have been having them 3-6 times a week, each variying in intensity. Usually Excedrin helps if I can catch it in time, but once it is full blown I can only shut the winowshades, bolt the door, and hide under a blanket in the dark until I fall asleep. I have tried numerous migraine treatments, all with no effect. My doctor has recommended Neurology treatmets including MRI's and the such. But I have no insurance and connot afford these treatments. If they were to find something seriously wrong then I would be certainly be denied insurance, citing a 'preconsisting condition.' A veritable catch 22. My migraines always begin in the exact same spot - in the back right of my neck just below my cranium. It will then radiate out through the right side of my head and, depending on its intensity, it will, most time, envelope my entire head. My doctor gave me samples of a drug called Maxalt, a member of the Triptan family, which I had never tried before although I have tried other Triptans. The Maxalt worked. EVERY TIME! Great! Wondeful! Finally! Then the free samples ran out. I asked my pharmacist what a perscription of Maxalt would cost me as a self-pay - there are no generic forms of this drug - and was informed that 6 pills would cost 205 dollars. 205 dollars! That works out to about 35 dollars a pill! I cannot afford that. I have a good job, but one that does not offer insurance. If I were to aquire insurance on my own, I would certainly go broke. Is there help out there? Any respones or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for letting me rant. PJA1

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    You sure have my sympathy. I get migraines, but certainly not as frequently as yours.

    Have you tried contacting the manufacturer of Maxalt? (It works for me, too.) Some pharma companies have programs where they will supply the medication free to people who cannot afford it. Check on their website. If there are similar meds that also help, try looking for programs from their manufacturers as well.

    Have you ever tried chiropractic? It doesn't work for everyone, but I know people who have gotten relief from migraines from seeing a chiropractor.

    Good luck!

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