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Hospital Detox >> at Home Suboxone ** NEED ADVICE***
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    Default Hospital Detox >> at Home Suboxone ** NEED ADVICE***

    I am up in the air about using a Hospital Detox or doing the at Home Suboxone treatment for opiate dependence.

    The hospital is supposed to be a very good , state of the art, caring detox center with all the latest and greatest of everything.

    What should I do? Money is not an issue. Will I be more comfortable doing it in a hospital, or is all they are going to do is give me suboxone just like I would do at home? What will a detox doto comfort me that I can't do at home.

    I just don't want to suffer. The thing that is hard for me to do it at home is that I know I am only 5 minutes drive away from feeling better in an instant.

    I would appreciate any feedback, especially from any detox center employees that might be reading this

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    I would try the hospital first as you have professionals all around.You also leave there with the tools to help you stay sober.Good luck........Dave

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    My experience in a hospital detox was a living hell; especially the second time. The buprenorphine shots did little to help me with my withdrawals. I had a grandma seizure. I was begging for help and the nurses basically ignored me. The other patients came to my aid and demanded something be done. They dosed me up with Haldol and Halcion and threw me in my bed. I was hallucinating and couldn't speak. They also drug you up with seraquel and other antipsychotic drugs. It was a nightmare. Escuse my language, a f*@king nightmare. The only thing is that the staff monitors your vitals, but you can get a machine or if you know how to use a cuff you can check your own bp. And obviously, you can buy an electric thermometer. That's all they checked on me.

    I will never go back to a hospital based detox center again, even if my life depended on it. But I do not intend on relapsing back into opiates. Perhaps, I had to go through hell to be free of the chains that bound me.

    If done properly, I would do suboxone tapper at home. But you should have someone there with you so he or she can help. That's my opinion, take it for what it is, one persons experience. God Bless

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    I detoxed at a hospital once, and they do very little for u, but if u say its the best and money is not an issue, maybe u should try it out. I think they will u give u methadone if ur lucky. and like the other post, the buprenorphine, they dont do much, and thats also if ur lucky. but the other post pretty much said how it was at the hospital. They kust gave me thisteral not sure about the spelling which is a antianxiety med. and that was only every 6 hours.

    Try the sub, never hurts either!

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