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How I drug tested positive... HOW??
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    Question How I drug tested positive... HOW??

    I am being completely honest.
    I am on probation with the Clinton Township (Michigan) court. I had to start drug testing for probation back in Aug. 2010 for 1 year. I never missed nor never failed a drug test for ANYTHING. Someone went to my probation officer with false accusations the end of March 2011 so she decided to make me start testing again. I have no problem testing, just hate the cost. So heres the dates I tested and the outcome. I do not understand how this is possible.

    4/24/12 Tested.... Neg.
    4/29/12 Tested.... Neg.
    5/02/12 Tested.... Positive-THC
    5/10/12 Tested.... Neg.
    5/11/12 Tested.... Neg.
    I also went to a different testing place on 5/15/12 of my own free will when I was notified on 5/14/12 that I tested positive on 5/02/12...........Waiting on my results now...

    1. I have not been around anyone at all that even smokes pot.
    2. I have not eaten anything different than usual.
    3. I have not eaten out (accept 1 soft taco & 1 hard taco made normal at taco bell).
    4. I have not been to anyones house and no one has been to mine.
    5. I do not eat things like poppy seeds (I'm a very picky eater).

    HOW is this possible???

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    Sometimes you get false positives. they will send it to a more advanced lab for further results where the true results normally show up. Good luck and God bless.
    I am not a dr. My statements are based on years of experience and related education. Consult with the professional of your choice regarding matters of concern.

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