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how long between tramadol/percocet doses?
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    Default how long between tramadol/percocet doses?

    I read that tramadol/ultram and oxycodone/percocet should not be taken together. Which I take it to mean you don't take them at the same time. I don't, obviously.

    But, is it ok to take percocet in the morning and about 4 to 6 hours later take tramadol? Would that cause an overdose?

    I am on tramadol because it was prescribed to me several months ago. But the percocets are some I had left over from a few months ago that my doctor does not know I am taking. But I have been having dental issues. I am flat broke and the percocets are all I can do right now.

    I just want to know if what I am doing is safe.

    The tramadol is 50 mgs. I take a pill and a half. And the percocets are 7.5mgs. I take a pill and a half of that also. But NEVER at the same time. I wait anywhere from 4 to 6 hours.

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    You can take them together. My husband had just been prescribed both but you can not drive at all while taking together. I am unsure you would need both together for tooth aches but I understand because I can't handle pain either. You can only take them every 8 hrs together. If you have an infection in your teeth and unable to get to a dentist because their expensive and many people don't have extra money these days you can rinse your mouth out like you would use mouth wash with peroxide. Yes this isn't very wise but there is risk for infection and if untreated can get to your bloodstream and the worst could happen. My advice is try to seek financial aid to get into seeing a dentist. Hang in there hope this helps.

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