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how many generic companies make oxycontin. I ge
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    Default how many generic companies make oxycontin. I ge

    how many companies make generic oxycontin. I get the beige ones with a G on top of 164 but its blank on the back. Its not endo, tava, perdue. Its a oxycodone hcl er. I know sometimes the generics are better then the name brand meds because I used to get percocet 5|325 and when I switched insurance I was giving the roxicet which is made by roxane and they helped my pain a lot better than the name brand.

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    G 164 is made by Impax. Watson also makes one. I've heard there's a new controlled release generic out, I think from a country in South America that has a tamper resistant formula causing them to foam up and taste terrible when chewed. They're suppose to be cheaper then the Teva's. I'm not familiar with Impax but they are from Hayward Ca.
    Try another pharmacy, here where I live all the generics use to be Endo, then they all went to Teva. Endo to me was exactly like a Purdue Frederick.

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    duhhh I dunno this one ... lol

    I Donot Guarentee Any Information Provided But Will Be As Accurate As I Can.

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